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This Disclaimer - Privacy Policy may change from time to time.  Updated Version can always be found on this page. 


Terms of Service:
Ads Posted on this Classified Ads website for Business,Employment, Organizations,Persons,Products,Services, do not constitute or imply any endorsement, approval or recommendation by www.AdSpace.ie .We do not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of the contents of any Ads Posted. 

www.AdSpace.ie Classifieds Website reserves the right to decline postings at webmasters discretion.  Individuals may not post pyramid schemes, chain letters or MLM links. Any listings which indicate a get-rich-quick scheme will not be posted.
Websites relating to casinos, online betting, gambling, loans, or Credit Card Issues, may not be accepted.

Posted Ads with Website Links will be periodically checked on this site and non working links will be removed from this site. www.AdSpace.ie is not responsible for broken links. www.AdSpace.ie reserves the right to Remove Ads and Links to websites that violate laws within Ireland . www.AdSpace.ie is a  Classified Ads Website for the Island of Ireland  and we may delete Ads posted outside of  Ireland  without Notice.

www.AdSpace.ie does not accept any responsibility for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may arise from the use of this site, Ads Posted on this website or the inability to use, this website and/or the functionality of it.

www.AdSpace.ie does not assume any responsibility for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the Ads Posted by users of this Website or any decision made or action taken or not taken by the user in reliance upon any information or data posted hereunder.

www.AdSpace.ie reserves the right to monitor any activity and content associated with this Site. Violations or complaints to this Website may include the following action, but is not limited to, issuing warnings or termination of service, denying access(ip address blocking) and/or removal of any content Posted on the Site, including Posted Ads and User's Account Information.

Changes to the Content of the Site:

www.AdSpace.ie reserves the right and has the absolute discretion, to remove, screen or edit any content that violates laws and regulations in
Ireland or is otherwise objectionable.

Disclosure of Information:  
www.AdSpace.ie also reserves the right to report any activity that it suspects violates any laws or regulations in Ireland to appropriate law enforcement officials, regulators, or other third parties, access and disclose any information it considers necessary or appropriate, including, without limitation, contact details, IP addressing and traffic information, usage history and posted content.

Illegal Activity:

Compliance with Laws - This Website and  it's Classified's Service may only be used for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner.  You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding use of our Classified Ads Service, including in regard to posting, purchasing and selling items. Fraudulent conduct may be reported to law enforcement, and www.AdSpace.ie will cooperate to ensure that violators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Scammers and Fraudsters are everywhere.  


Scam's targeting renters desperate for affordable apartments:
Scammer will advertise for an apartment for rent (or sale) that is too good to be true. Something like a fully furnished two-bedroom with a balcony in a city centre area, going for €300 instead of the €1,000 it would normally fetch because of the tenant's sudden job transfer. The catch: You have to take it sight unseen - and send a security deposit. They will ask for deposit money (by wire transfer) to hold the apartment in your name. Once the few hundred €€€’s are sent, the advertiser will never reply to you again. This type of scam is becoming more common because apartments have become a hot commodity in big cities.
Over payment:
The buyer  will send you a counterfeit cheque with a higher amount then the asking price plus and extra amount for shipping and then ask for the difference/extra money to be returned to them by a certified cashier's cheque or wire transfer. The time you discover that  their cheque was counterfeit , it's to late.
Brokerage fees/Shipping costs/Customs duty:
A seller claims that there is a brokerage fee, Shipping cost, Customs duty, token payment required to get the item in your country. Do not pay such fees, because once the payment is delivered to them, they will stop the correspondence. There is not much you can do to retrieve that money.
Fake escrow sites:
A buyer or seller suggests using escrow service to complete the transaction. These escrow sites are often run by the fraudsters (even though it appears as an "official" website). You will never receive any communication from them once they receive the money, and they would never send you any product/service.  Scam artists stumbled onto a successful formula for tricking Net users into wiring thousands of €€€’s to fraudulent bank accounts. The criminals build elaborate fake escrow Web sites, with convincing names like Simple-Escrow.net and WhyEscrow.com. Often, the Web sites are set up to imitate legitimate escrow services; to an untrained eye, it can be impossible to tell the difference. 
Money transfer Scam's:
You get an email saying that your help is needed to take the money out of a country and that you will be paid a huge commission for your help. They will ask you for the money to help them settle the transaction and once they are paid you will never hear from them again.
Work from home offers :
Home Jobs that offer unrealistically high returns (thousands of €€€’s per week etc) 
Many work from home offers are either spammers or frauds or "pyramid schemes" that require you to recruit other members to get paid. An ad may say that you can make €10,000 a month. But you will need to sell the product/service to many others to make that money. Several Home job offers will have you register at their websites (at certain fees) and you will end-up spamming for those websites (enter their ads on various free classified websites) 
Do not believe in any offers that are too good to be true.

Buying ,Selling ,Shipping: 

Basic's of online classified's - what to and what not to do:

Always try to Buy or Sell within your Location and meet the Buyer/Seller in Person
If you sell or buy it online use a shipper and send it COD. See Below - Shipping:

Limit the amount of personal information you share (for example, don't give out your home address and remove personal information from your email signature).When the seller has answered some questions and seems credible, you may need to disclose more information about yourself such as your name and phone number. Try to keep it limited to that.
After communicating  by email, we recommend talking to the seller by phone before meeting them.
give out your RSI number, bank numbers, credit card numbers, etc.
We Recommend you use a mobile number in your Ads to avoid tele-marketer's getting your home or  office number.
Use cash/ PayPal for small purchases and meet the seller in person in a public place during the day.
Bring a friend and inspect the merchandise before you hand over the cash and make the sale final.
Be ready to haggle and negotiate the purchase price for the item,but don't insult the seller with an unreasonably low offer.
Always ask the seller for ID(Driver's License or Picture ID) and ask for a receipt. 
If the seller does not want to produce ID then the possibility of the item for sale being stolen is high.
Item not as described? Seller seem evasive or suspicious?
You can always walk away if you feel uncomfortable or pressured into making the purchase.  Trust your Instincts!

Protect your personally identifiable information.

Offer a receipt.
Detail the amount of the transaction and the condition of the item should any further disputes arise.
Make sure that both parties sign and keep a receipt.

Never trust a Cheque!!! As an alternative to using cash.  

The buyer may be uncomfortable carrying around large amounts of cash for items priced over €1,000, so an alternative is to go to a bank together and arrange for a Bank Draft to be written out to you. Do not accept a Bank Draft from someone's pocket (they are easy to forge). Arrange to go to the bank with the buyer during business hours to verify the Drafts authenticity.

If you Buy or Sell something Online
Always send C.O.D (Cash on Delivery) Most Shipping Companies Offer this.  
Always Get Shipping Insurance in case of damages incur whilst in delivery.
Check to see what it will cost you to have it shipped before you make the sale or purchase final.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless www.AdSpace.ie representatives and agents from any and all third party claims, damages, liability, and/or costs, including, but not limited to, lawyers fees, arising out of your activities in connection with this site or site-related services, your use of our Classified Ads service, your violation of the terms of service or your infringement, or infringement by any other user of your account, of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity.

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